The business can exploit this unique opportunity to profit from intellectual property. This can happens after the evaluation of the long term non-tangible assets. The newly formed value can be imported in the capital of the companies. This is very effective method for increasing the value of the own equity.
    A lot of Bulgarian businessmen realize the importance of the trade brand as a specific market phenomenon. The benefits from such evaluation are very important if the company is: sold, applying for bank loans, merges or public offering at Bulgarian Stock Exchange.
    The practice of evaluation shows that the value of long term tangible assets is lesser than the non-tangible assets. It’s known that the world famous brands use this opportunity to increase the profits for their shareholders.
    Intellectual property is also a subject of evaluation: long term non-tangible assets of the companies, industrial and trade brands, geographic signs, patents, useful models and industrial designs.
    The evaluation is performed only by licensed evaluators for intellectual and industrial property.