M Consult Commerce is a consultant company started in 1994. It’s specialized in various asset evaluations: real estate property machines and installations, companies, intellectual and industrial property, monuments with cultural value, and evaluation of long term assets for taxing purposes.
    In the past years M Consult Commerce has become reliable partner in the consultant market. The company is known by its professionalism and positive trade reputation. The team of M Consult Commerce consists of highly educated professionals with long-term experience in the asset evaluation. Company policy is constantly increasing the level of expertise and variety of services offered. The company work under license № 6171 from 1997 year, issued by Agency of Privatization for: real estate property, machinery and installations, industrial and intellectual rights, and company as a whole registered by Trade Law in Bulgaria. Our purpose is to offer highly effective solutions and services to our clients for the shortest deadlines at guaranteed quality at the same time.
    From 1994 M Consult Commerce was entrusted by:
    Agency of Privatization
    Agency of Privatization - Sofia City
    Ministries of: Economy, Regional Development and Prosperity, Healthcare, Transport and Communications, Energetics , and Culture.
    Regional Governor Sofia City
    Municipal of Sofia City and other Municipalities from the country
    Major companies in Bulgaria like “Commissariat Services” ltd Sofia Bulgaria / ”Prophylactics and rehabilitation” ltd Sofia Bulgaria and others
    Private Bulgarian and foreign clients