M Consult Commerce offers the following services:
    Asset evaluation
    All asset evaluations are conducted by experts with appropriate education and license according to Bulgarian regulation system and approved practices in the country. Asset evaluations are required for buy/sell purposes, assessment of concessive right for construction projects, for rental purposes, asset evaluations for bank guarantees and loans, forming/division of the capital between shareholders, evaluations for internal and external company purposes, reevaluations for taxing and accounting purposes, merges, separations, and liquidations.
    Consultant activities
    The mission of M Consult Commerce is to support the clients to sell/bye at the best market price. We assist you during the whole process from evaluation to final sell/bye of the asset. It’s very important for analyze precisely the price of the future deal in order to accomplish the highest possible result. Evaluation and timing are crucial especially for: shares and obligation, and in a less degree for real estate property.
    If you’re an investor we can also assist you in measuring the future result from your investment. We use all avaluable information from the national official sources to determine the microclimate in the current economic sector and the expectations for short and long term period.
    Investment projects
    The projects mainly embrace the adoption of the Euro Funds. Bulgaria has become member of European Union in 2007. Since then our country receives funds regularly for investment activities in the following operative programs:
    “Development and competiveness of the Bulgarian economy” embraces three grants schemes: technological modernization of the companies, implementation of international standards, and support of newly started innovative business.
    “Environmental” - these are project which includes the building of water-conduit, sewer systems and project for preservation of the biological variety in nature.
    “Regional Development” – projects that includes construction and development of infrastructural projects with local importance, regional transport connections and development of tourism.
    M Consult Commerce offers:
    Assistance during the application process for Euro Funds and national loans institution (banks and non-bank financial institutions)
    Financial analyzes and evaluation of assets according international standards.
    Legal support
    Business plans